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Early Tracing Board

Early Tracing BoardThis 200 year old emblematic oil painting on canvas, which measures 52 3/4 in. high by 40 5/8 in. wide, was originally used to assist in teaching the lessons of the fraternity. It is one of two early tracing boards donated to the Livingston Masonic Library in 1994 by Western Star Lodge, No. 15 of Bridgewater, New York. The Lodge, which had owned the paintings since their creation, was founded in 1797

Lodge Publications

The Committee on Lodge Publications shall, in accordance with the Purpose and Objectives of the Lodge, be responsible for the publication of Lodge Bulletins, Proceedings, Books and other material in connection with the extensive activities of the Lodge. An Editorial Board consisting of not less than three members shall be responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a lodge approved Editorial Policy for Lodge Publications. All material received for publication shall be reviewed, edited and approved in compliance with the Editorial Policy, as outlined in the Lodge By-Laws.