Any Master Mason who maintains good standing in a Regular Lodge in our Jurisdiction is eligible for membership in the Heritage Lodge by Affiliation. His petition must be signed by two members of Heritage Lodge, along with a Certification of Standing signed by his Lodge Secretary.

Membership by Affiliation carries the same privileges and obligations as in any other Craft Lodge. However, it must be emphasized that the Heritage Lodge is an extension of the Regular Craft Lodges and our members must maintain active membership in their own Craft Lodge.

Life Membership

A member may request Life Membership as per section 185 of the Book of Constitution. The fee for such membership shall be calculated by adding the amount of Grand Lodge fees in Section 152 {c}{m} to the amount determined by the chart in Part VIII Regulations Governing Life Memberships.
For example, in 2021, a 65 year old member would have to pay G.L.fees $370 + Column A Factor 11.66 x dues $60 = $1069.60, notwithstanding subsequent fee increases.

Corresponding Subscriber

Applications to become a Corresponding Subscriber (not a member, usually out-of Province Masons in good standing) are available. The Corresponding Subscribers receive our Annual Proceedings publications.

By-Laws Regarding Membership

Relation to Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario:  The Heritage Lodge No.730 fully acknowledges the supremacy of the Grand Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, and will at all times pay due respect and obedience to its laws, rules, orders and regulations. This Lodge is a Research Lodge as outlined in Part 11A, Section 383A of the Constitution of the said Grand Lodge.

Admission to Membership:  Every applicant for membership in this Lodge shall complete and sign the petition in accordance with the form approved by the Grand Lodge. The petition shall bear the endorsement of two members of the Lodge and shall be submitted to the Secretary along with a certificate of good standing in a regular lodge in the jurisdiction. The petition shall be balloted upon by the Lodge unless notice thereof, stating the full name, age, occupation, residence of the applicant and names of the sponsors shall have been given in the summons for the meeting at which the petition is to be considered.
The fee for affiliation shall be $65.00, payable in advance.
The annual dues shall be $65.00, due September 1st, for the current year, members are asked to pay in advance.

Corresponding Subscribers:  Whereas the objects of this Lodge are to promulgate the results of its research activities to its Members in particular and any other Masons in good standing in the Jurisdiction of this Grand Lodge and Grand Lodges with which we are in amity, who are desirous of the same, and whereas many of these non-members are unable to attend Lodge meetings or become members, but desire and opportunity to obtain the results of our Masonic researches. To this end:

  • i. Masons in good standing may request to be placed on a mailing list to receive copies of the published research activities of the Lodge. Such Masons shall be known as Corresponding Subscribers.
  • ii. A Corresponding Subscriber shall not be considered a member of this Lodge and may be accepted without ballot by submitting an application to the Lodge Secretary on the approved form, which is obtainable from the officer.
  • iii. A Corresponding Subscriber may attend the Regular Meetings of the Lodge as a visitor and with the privileges and responsibilities of a visitor as described in the Constitution of Grand Lodge.
  • iv. A Corresponding Subscriber is not entitled to receive the Summons or the business portion of the minutes of this Lodge.

The annual fee for a Corresponding Subscriber shall be $40.00, payable in advance.
Application Form for Corresponding Subscriber with Heritage Lodge No.730 PDF Download