Black Creek Pioneer Village

The Heritage Lodge No.730 and Black Creek Pioneer Village

Black Creek Masonic Lodge

Black Creek Masonic Heritage: The purpose of the Masonic Lodge at Black Creek Pioneer Village is to present Masonry in a favourable light to the many visitors who visit the museum each year and to help them understand the place of Freemasonry in the social fabric of an 1867 crossroads rural community. The Lodge Room is located on the upper floor of the Tinsmith Shop, built c.1850 in Woodbridge, Ontario and is furnished with pre-Confederation artifacts and reproductions. The Masonic Lodge is staffed by volunteer Masonic Interpreters.

Black Creek Masonic LodgeAbout Black Creek Pioneer Village
Located on over 30 acres of greenspace in north Toronto, Black Creek Pioneer Village is home to 40 heritage buildings, 70 rare and heritage breed animals, and 10 gardens grown from heirloom seeds. Many of the heritage building are staffed with costumed educators who demonstrate 19th century trades and crafts and engage visitors with exciting programs and events.
Black Creek Pioneer Village uses its collection of 50,000 artifacts, interactive offerings, and monthly events to encourage visitors to explore the past while reflecting on our present. By examining the lives of real people who lived in the Toronto Region, visitors of all ages consider history from multiple perspectives and understand that the story of the Toronto Region is, in fact, many stories told from many points of view. Together, the people of the past shaped the Region we live in today. How will we shape its future?
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Black Creek Masonic Lodge

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­Black Creek Pioneer Village is a heritage project of the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Funding comes from the Provincial and Municipal Governments; the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Recreation; admissions and sales; and through donations to the Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto.

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